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Originally Posted by bobbybeemer View Post
Show the wear tests and other performance tests that should be done on any oil released for public use.
bobby... please show me where to locate these wear tests that "should be done on any oil released for public use" from any other oil "manufacturer"... Amsoil is the only brand that I have ever seen that posts them... Castrol? Mobil? Redline? Haven't seen their "wear tests" results posted... And to tell you the truth, while the "results" are nice info, it is more of a marketing blurb than a deal breaker, for me anyway...

Also, understand that an oil "analysis" is a very different animal than a "wear test" An oil anaysis will show the elemental metals contained in the oil and the additive package... plus, the TBN number shows the "health" of the additive package when an analysis is done on used oil...

What I find most important in looking at MC oils, since I run an air cooled, wet clutch, trans lubed by engine oil, is what is the oils base stock really made of? Is it TRULY a synthetic? Is it a class 4 (PAO)? Is it a class 5 (diester)? Or is it a class 3 super hydro cracked dino oil base?

Who tells you right up front what base stock they use? Castrol? Nope.. they're the original offenders... Mobil? Sorry... their lips are sealed.. The only manufacturers that I have found that will tell you exactly what base stock they use, right up front are Amsoil, Redline and Monarch...

If I'm popping out big bucks for a "synthetic" oil... I want to know that it is really a synthetic... Not a "super hydro cracked" dino oil...
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