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Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
Slow people on bikes are going to get passed by the cars no matter what. Robby did pass me one time during the race and he was quite polite!

I don't think it's a big deal, so I'm not going to dwell on it, but I think if two people are pretty similar in speed and the slightly faster one had screwed up, they should have to work to pass the slightly slower one who didn't. I only know of one stage last year where I found the dust made it hard to pass/see, but it might as well not be the other way around.
Only one speical stage out of a 1200 mile race where dust was an issue? That sounds pretty damn good, all things considered!

While I know your youtube video was not the complete race, besides for being passed politely by Robby, you seemed to have the whole course to yourself, even when you dropped your GPS.

I thought the spacing (start times linked to speed) worked great and was much better than the 2011 M1K, when they did not do it that way. It is nice to not get run down by much faster cars, especially since they are opening classes to allow open cars. And it was nice to not get stuck behind a 60's era Bronco that is going slow and kicking up too much dust to pass on a dirt road special.

It is a timed rally, if dust is not an issue (which by spacing based on times seems to all but cure), what difference does it make if a guy starts ahead of you. You just have to be faster on the special to beat him/her.

I guess I'm just confused why there are complaints about this when it seemed to work exactly as it is supposed to by minimizing people getting caught by faster vehicles, and people being hindered by slower vehicles, and to help avoid people riding in dust for hundreds of miles. Your time in the special is your time, regardless of where every other competitor is on the course.

Originally Posted by Anders Green View Post
The more people don't have to fight past slower people, the better. Besides, the ultimate "fairness" is the results. You can't escape that those mechancials or slow sections ultimately move you further and further down the results.
This makes sense to me.
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