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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
even riders I don't really care for.
I'm trying to stay away from those thoughts. I got caught up in the Chad Reed/James Stewart drama and became a Reed hater but in hindsight it was their battle not mine. I started to realize like him or not Reed is one hell of a rider and after the crash at Millville when he got back on the bike I would shine that mans shoes.

I know it's been discussed before but when you/we see our local pro's at the Nationals getting lapped if they can even qualify you realize how good the top 20 are. Then you realize how good the top 10 are then you realize how good the top 5 who can realistically win week in week out are.

Just incredible talent to be able to ride those tracks at those speeds. I've heard when Barcia was riding locally which he did right up until he was about 11 or 12 and moved south even on the 65 cc's he was beating most people. I started my post mid life crisis and became a full time MX spectator in 2008 which was his first year not being local. I wish I'd have seen him, and while I don't "like" the whole home schooled parents seeing dollar signs approach who's to say what's right and whats wrong? He's one of the top riders on the planet. His whips at the sky shot at Unadilla are and worth the price of admission by themselves. I could watch these guys ride all day long and if I ever retire I'm moving south close to one of these training facilities and getting the biggest lens nikon makes. Incredible stuff what these guys are doing at this stage of the game and the technology that the bikes have evolved to thats let them ride that fast over those tracks. What was the question?
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