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Originally Posted by 2whl-hoop View Post
Since it looks like it should be pretty easy to get one of these plated in MN, these bikes have really gotten my attention.
Assuming I could find a left over carbed bike at a significant markdown, is there any reason to spend the extra $$$ for the f-i? I'm a fan of fuel-injection, it worked great on my wr250r, but if I could save a couple grand and get a carbed bike, I would probably go that route. If I trailered the bike to Colorado to ride some of the high passes would a carbed bike need to be rejetted (I'm at about 1k feet here)? Would it be a big hassle, or not so much?

I haven't had a carbed bike since 2005, and I've never had one up at high elevations, so forgive me if the questions seem pretty noobish.

My 08 needed an DynaTech programable CDI to run smoothly on road. It's a common issue with the TPS on the carbs. The DynaTech cost $290, but does fix the misfire.

I don't ride at high elevations, but that would be an issue with any carbed bike. My bike runs fine here, between 700-5000 ft.
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