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Originally Posted by Harring10 View Post
That might be a pretty tall order. I bought my '12 new in April and at that time the dealer told me it was one of only a few he could find in the country.

That said, i'm sure many more arrived since April, but my point is that the non-ESA models are difficult to find and most often bought by folks specifically for that reason.

I was recently asked if I'd be interested in selling mine, to which I happily replied... Sure, for the cost I paid plus the cost of the extras plus 10% and finally add another 10% frustration tax to all of that for having to try and find another one!!

No doubt there's one out there, but you might want to invest in some web search services to do daily scans for you :-)

Good news is, when you find it, you'll be glad you went through the misery to locate it.

True that. I found a 2012 GSA on this site without ESA and fog lights in November and pounced on it. Now I have a clean slate to work with. Just have to decide which shocks, fogs, luggage, etc. They are out there, just have to be ready to jump on them. Interesting that folks are looking for non esa versions. I was on the fence about it.
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