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Originally Posted by Lensgrinder View Post

I just added Guard Dog moly for gear oil to my transmission, it shifts much smoother now.

Comparing a moly additive which is designed for gear oil to adding mothballs to gasoline, which they are NOT designed for is not a valid comparison.

BMW had added moly to the gear oil when the bike was new, so I see no problem with it.
Gear oils come in a variety of brands which seem to provide a variety of performances, even the API rated GL-5 specified for our gear systems.

They come in green, red, purple and amber with various odors and viscosities. Most contain EP additives, corrosion inhibitors, buffers, anti-foaming agents, additives for anti-slip differentials, seal conditioners and claim other redeeming properties.

Many of these oils do not improve shifting to any appreciable extent especially in a new gearbox hence the reason many GSers add some moly (MoS2 or molybdenum disulfide) to their transmission and final drive gear lube. I did so at early miles and shifting improved within several miles of riding.

Guard Dog furnishes moly gear oil additive in quantities that are sensible for motorcycle applications so you don't have to buy a drum or pail of the stuff.

Don't use mothballs for anything except killing moths.
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