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[QUOTE=slowoldguy;20345368]Well, schizz convinced me that I needed to retire my set Guia Roji maps for the 2013 model so I amazon-ed it last night. Today is a run to the Post Office to see wth bureacratic nonsense renewing my passport is. Of course, it expires 1/30/2013.

I've run around Mexico a bit and have found the Ediciones Independencia maps ..www. . To be the most reliable ones available down there . They list dirt, as well as improved roads, have town names, in Spanish, "in the order they fall", and are semi reailist as to scale . They are hard to find "quality book stores only", and are about 80ps . Each one covers one state , they're not water proof . I use , a digital cam picture for frequent glances . The other maps there, are, like having no map at all, IMO . One 35 mile quick dirt sneak on my part 2 years back . Ended after 2 1/2 days, 150 miles, of dirt, buying gas from plastic bottles and a couple falls . The Anzuldura bridge sped last years crossings as well .
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