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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
I really need to give this a try. My fuel gauge is really funky and it doesn't act like I read of others. When I fill my tank, it shows full and stays there for a LONG time. My miles to empty shows a range of 489-490 miles. Both the range and the gauge come down, but not nearly as fast as reality should dictate. It is as if the bike thinks I have 3 extra gallons at all times.

Then, quite suddenly, the gauge will start working correctly for a few miles. The range drops back to reality and all is well for 5 to 10 minutes and then it goes right back to thinking I have 3 extra gallons again. Its the damnedest thing.
Mine was opposite from that. I would fill up, sometimes it would show all bars, other times 1 bar missing ( IIRC there's 8 correct). Range would show me 650+kms, I would ride, the range would count up in combination with kms travelled would go to 750-800kms and I'd have almost 150-200kms on. If I stopped and parked the bike on the sidestand it, after I jumped back on to ride the tank level would be down to 5/8bars. Ride some more, stop and start again it would read 3/8 bars, then the range would drop like birdpoop to 125kms left to empty and I only had gone 300kms. It would hold there for over 100kms and then drop til the fuel light came on. I'd fill up and it would take 26-28L so that means the fuel light is correct but the range was all over the place...
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