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Originally Posted by TheAdmiral View Post
One of their kin got out and I got it at my place!
This time of year I covet your tires.

Habibi Rocks-- Not many of the old wooden shepard wagons left. Yep, Gypsy wagon roots. When grandpa farmed here most shepards were Basque, now Equatorian. I didn't know I was a sheep eater until I used my meal ticket from the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in LA (1969). Moving down the chow line I smelled something good. My first mutton. The other guy at the table where I sat wrinkled his nose and moved off. Glad you're enjoying my thread.

Aj Mick-- I too noticed these woollies seemed a bit late to fall shearing. We don't get much snow here in the valley. It always looked like back breaking work to me.

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