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'12 KTM 690 Enduro rear tail light issue - tried searching

OK, so I noticed this when I dropped the bik eoff for the first service - the rear tail light was not operating.

The dealer said they "fixed" it as they noticed it too... guess again.

Two weeks ago I saw it was out on a quick 'round-the-block ride. I jiggled the bulb and it worked again.

Yesterday, it went out again. I wedged a piece of wood in to force the bulb slightly sideways in the socket, forcing contact and making light happen (wood now removed) for the ride home. But, it's just not working as it should. Push, twist and release - the bulb should now be in place on the spring loaded tangs, illuminating said bulb.

The springs force the bulb forward, as expected, but clearly contact isn't being made as the bulb remains unlit.

The mechanics of installing the bulb work fine for me, but there's a failure to make contact when the bulb is fully seated.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I *could* drop the bike into the dealer in the New Year (they're closed through next week sometime) and see if they'll warranty it with new parts, but everything is brand new (800 miles...) and works as intended. This leads me to think it's a POS design, so new parts won't really fix that... Plus there's the time involved to manage that process. :(

So, any other 690 folks seen this issue?
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