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Thank you all for the advice. I'll definitely be checking with the rangers early/mid next week to see what they have to say...

If the gate's up at Reiff (sounds likely), I guess I'll reroute up 140 -> 53 and then take 20 back out to Bear Valley to get out to Indian Reservoir to camp. Anyone have other suggestions? Seems like I'll be dumping most of the day 1 dirt and just converting it to slab. Not my favorite idea, but if it gets me up there and where I want to be...


Thanks, I'll take the route you sent me previously (BARF PM) up to lake pillsbury - that route looks pretty low (< 2500 ft), so it should avoid most of the snowy areas? It looks like I can use the beginning of my Day 2 Route to go up and around the reservoir and then hit your path up to pillsbury.

I'll post a revised GPX after I have some time to sit and do real planning (not just a google map lookover) again.

Thanks all, I'm still reading, if anyone has tips or wants to join me...

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