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Surprisingly good.....though it remains a mystery to me. I spent 4 hours in the saddle the other day, and I never got uncomfortable or any serious butt fatigue. Just crazy! I did start to get a bit of ache in my knees due to the more compact position from the lower seat height (closer seat to peg spacing) than I'm accustomed to. But, it's quite easy to stand up on the Terra for a stretch. I may change the pegs to something I can lower a bit and move open my legs a bit.

This is the first bike in a long time that I won't have to buy an aftermarket seat for.

There's something about the peg/shifter/brake relationship that bugs me...I can't figure out exactly what the issue is, but I'm having to lift my foot too much on upshifts, yet the downshift position is good (I'm even using a different shifter now too). Is the shifter-pedal/drum spacing larger than most dirt bikes? I'm going to try another, shorter shifter and see if that helps. Now the brake side arrangement is just sad. I'm hoping my brain will come up with some ideas on master cylinder, reservoir protection and brake pedal redesign while I sleep, cause I can't come up with a good plan while I'm awake, LOL...

I'm thinking lower pegs will help too.
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