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I think the same shit just happened to my ride. Hadn't started it for a month or so, went to start and battery was dead. New Odyssey battery so gave it a good charge and started no probs. ran it for 15 and shut off and restarted after 30 min no problem. So decided to take it for a spin for about an hour as it wasn't snowing or pissing freezing rain.

Got about 40 miles and stopped for a coffee. Tied to start and no dice. Battery was strong but it wouldn't turn over. Have had sidestand switch issues in the summer but that was in knee deep mud and water. Understandable there. I hosed the switch area with my water pack to see if that might have been it. No dice. Shit. It was Christmas Eve and I had to be at a dinner with family. Bad timing for a quick ride to go south.

Had to abandon the bike for a few days and make my way home. Sucked. 4 days later had it towed home and it started right away no problem. Sounds like the same issue and am afraid to go out again til it's sorted. It's a 2008 so well out of warranty. Am going to go through all these thread posts a couple more times and hopefully all the good suggestions will house the correct one for me.

I can't blame the bike cuz I've put it through hell and its been golden. Payback time perhaps.

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