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Lake Maninjau, Sumatra, Indonesia.

I arrived in Lake Maninjau just before dusk and started riding around the beautiful crater lake looking for a spot to set up my tent. Though I spotted a few good places to camp, my gut feeling was telling me that I shouldn't be out there. As I ride along the broken road which at some places heavily subjected to landslides, I notice dozens of houses at the base of the crater rim badly damaged and empty and it paints a picture of a ghost town. At some places below the road there were old roofs to be seen, piles of bricks, tiles, parts of furniture and it all tells one sad story. People have lost homes and the devastation at the time of happening must have been enormous. In some of those deserted properties I find enough space for a night of camping. "It looks perfect", I tell myself. But I ride on dodging rocks which are in the middle of the road and deeply eroded places. After a while I spot a man on a small motorcycle riding towards me. I stop him and ask him if he knows a place where I could set up my tent. Such questions from me to a stranger on the road is as rare as a spotting a kangaroo in the arctics.
The man asks me to follow him and I obey him without further questions. After reaching his house which is above the road, he parks his motorcycle and signals me to follow him on foot. We cross the road and walk down to the lake. At the water edge, there is a small old wooden house with two rooms. There is a bed and a table inside of the house and a veranda with two chairs.
The man tells me that I could sleep there by myself. It seems a very good offer. Then he shows me the three canoes in front of the house and tells me that I could use them whenever I like to take a ride on the lake. I end up staying there for 4 days enjoying the beautiful surrounding and give Bruce a rest while I explore things by cruising on water.
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