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Originally Posted by KaterM View Post
Although I agree that big is good - size does matter after all ;)
I went to a 15/49 combo on my Pegaso Rotax 655, which is something like the predecessor of the Strada in many cases.
The early BMW Funduro Rotax 654 was built at the same factory in Northern Italy just across the lake from the actual Husqvarna factory :-D
And the cost for both sprockets will probably be less than a custom made 50 tooth "work of art", after all.
Furtermore I found a program calculating chain length/sprocket sizes for most even wear of all parts of the drivetrain and 15/49 is a LOT better than 16/50.
A bit of esoteric maths, I agree, but after all I'm an IT person :P
Just waiting for the TR650 to come to our Spanish Islands off the coast of Africa ...
Because there is _no_ way I am going to Europe in winter - not anymore :-D
Cheers, KaterM
I have a barely used 50 tooth steel sprocket in my shed (off a DR350 or TT600?). I put it up to the the Terra's rear hub and noted that it will fit - not sure I would bother doing this as it is a tight fit and could require alteration to the chain guard.
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