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Valve adjustments and checking is quite simple on a GS, much more than on a Vstrom. The heads are right there and easy to access. Lots of threads on how to do it.

TB sysncs are not hard, but do require a sync tool which is $150 or so and then it is pretty easy, again, lots of threads on how to.

Parts and shop time can definately be more than a Suzi, but not usually more often by any stretch.

The problem with asking the V-strom site is all they they ever hear and see is the negative side of people complaining.
There are literally thousands of posts in Ride Reports of people who travel RTW on Beemers with only standard service issues. Other have had some trouble.

There is the ever present final drive issue...a problem for some, not so much for others. Expensive if you have the problem and if you have it fixed at a dealership. But the balance is, once you have it done it will likely be a very long time before you need another one....many chains and sprockets on a Stromer between FDs on a BMW. I have no issue with chains, I like them, but to replace a set, I usually change them as a set of chain and both sprockets, and I always use a good X-ring so It requires less lube and last very well. Keeping it clean is more important than lube on an X-ring. But on my KTM a good X-ring and steel front sprocket and a Tri-metal rear sprocket is $200 or so. I get max a few thousand miles out of it...hard enduro use, maybe more in mixed use. That is alot of money over 100,000 miles. Even if you get 10k miles out of a set, that is 10 sets in 100k miles x $200 a set you are at $2000 and alot of time replacing them. A FD is not much different in the long run.

Alot of people pay alot of money for their BMWs and thus prefer to spend alot of money on the highest grade of oils and services right on schedule and they are willing to spend alot of money to upkeep theirs.
That does not mean a person HAS to do so.

Any good oil will work, extending service intervals is common practice once the valve settle in. Once TBs are set right they rarely go out.....

Some will have different opinions, but rear the Ride Reports not the repair sections....many more miles ridden than spent in service for 90+% of GS owners.

I had a few frustrating issues when I got my RT, but once sorted it has been great. Nothin but oil nowdays. I would have no issue hoping on and riding RTW body might, but not my bike.

PS: Resale is good, if you buy and don't like it, resell it and buy another Stromer or go BIG service cost and buy a KaTooM....I love mine, but man, THAT is some service.
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