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500 EXC as a race bike

This is NOT a thread for dual sport riders. There are plenty of other threads for that. This is for the hard core crazies that realize that the 500 EXC is one of the best competition bikes ever produced. (I race mine in tight woods.) It is fabulous in nasties in Utah. It does it all. And it feels lighter than anything that came before it, including the incredible 525.

I have re-mapped mine for competition, using the more free-flowing Akrapovic muffler, with the very successful map, the EU (Euro) map ending in 0701. It matches the increased volume of the Akrapovic. I added the JD Tuner 6X in order to increase the fuel spray on the idle circuit and the accelerator circuit. The motor responded with crazy power. I can use the Sicass mapping switch now and I have it set on "Wild" all the time.

I installed the Rekluse EXP-2 as well, along with their external adjuster on their slave cylinder. It is basically an anti-stall device. I can scream into corners, slam the rear brake without fear of stalling and simultaneously hit the throttle. Instant power and I rocket out of corners peppering guys behind me with rocks, clods and dirt. Just too cool. Rekluse has this one right!

The question for you guys is what makes this bike even better?

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