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Originally Posted by SRG View Post
Find a late model used EXC KTM or Husaberg w/ a set of SM wheels. Or the factory SM versions of the same bikes. My specific choice would be a Husaberg FS570 (looks like this The Berg is smooth, reliable, fast and light at 2/3 or less the price of a 690 - and will dust it on the track.

Yea, I was looking into used KTMs, but they are super rare/hard to find around here. (mid alabama). and most of the ones i have found that are close to what I am wanting are damn near the same price as new ones... so I might as well just go new!

my local KTM dealer also sells husabergs. I havent done much research on them though. I did check out their site briefly. whilt it looks they have really nice bikes, the main problem i saw was that they dont appear to be street legal.
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