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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post

Maintenance is the same for any machine? A GS in the OP's price range will take 4 valve adjustments to his V-Strom's 1. A Harley won't take any, ever.

Also, I suggest that there's a fair bit of "ego" in the statement " We do not have a BMW at this cost for ego, nothing handles like a GS." as there are many bikes that handle better in one way or another. Dirt bikes, smaller dual sports, and KTMs are far superior in the dirt. Supermoto's excell on tight twisties, and sport bikes handle better on most mountain roads. Then there's the slab and touring bikes...

The GS does all of these pretty darned well, but it's not the best at any of them.

BTW; I have almost 30k trouble free miles on mine - nothing but routine maintenance.
And Yes, valve adjust is pretty simple. Unlike the V-Strom, you don't need to dissasemble half the bike, and there's no coolant to change.
Comparing a "small dual sports" is not apples to apples. Yes, they are better in the dirt but that is where it ends. And "Supermotos" come on, take those off road. The GS(A) is not perfect off road, but very, very good. Great on the highway also. Very few bikes in its "do it all" class. He can probably do 4 valve adjustments in less time than the 1. A Harley won't hold a candle to a GS in the twisties or in the dirt. It is not a perfect bike but it is quite good at all things.

I'm assuming yours with 30,000 trouble free miles is based on your preference and not ego.

To the OP, the 1150 is not shim and bucket, nothing to buy just adjust.

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