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Originally Posted by KamperBob View Post
As some may recall in late August @24k miles I replaced the rear sprocket and chain on my 2006 XT225. (The sprocket was 45T stock size but aftermarket brand.)

Instead of another O-ring chain I bought two standard (unsealed) chains. Chain #1 was replaced in late October @26k miles. It measured 60.375" long. Chain #2 new measured 60" long. So it stretched 0.375" or 0.63% in 2k miles. Chain #2 was replaced today (late December) @28k miles. It measured 60.25" so stretch was 0.25" or 0.42% in 2k miles.

* While mileage was similar between these two intervals road/trail conditions were very different. So this isn't really a "fair" comparison. Still some might be interested in these measurements anyway.
* In both cases the "other" chain gets washed in gas (kerosene not readily available). Then after drying soaked in 30W oil for at least a week. Then drip dried before reinstallation.

The experiment continues. Going forward I'll keep a close eye on chain and sprocket wear during round #2 for both chains. I can swap sooner (ie, every 1k miles) if needed. Meanwhile, Plan A is to keep playing leap-frog between both chains every 2k miles.

Cool Stuff, KamperBob, interestingly, I have the same maintenance routine on my commuter bicycle. I swap chains (but not sprockets) approximately every 6 months or 2200km's, and after 2 years, or two rotations on both, I replace the whole drive train.
I know this'll make me sound like a know it all, but chains don't actually stretch, they develop play between the rivets and the plates.
Now, if only we could turn the rear sprocket over, think of the tooth life!
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