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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Now I see what your are seeing...Probably a mount for a flag for dune riding in the US..
Why would they still be installed in Peru? If they are dunes flag mounts, they are WAY bigger than any I've seen before.

The "inverse traction articulator" are my words for a チューンドマスダンパー. Or in simple terms, a speciic weight attached to a carefully matched spring. When the swingarm moves, a small mass compresses the small attached spring. When the swingarm stops moving, the mass catches up and then applies a force back into the swingarm a few miliseconds later. That can momentarily give you extra traction, and it slightly smooths out the work the shock has to perform as well. I don't know anything more than that, which is what Gato told me two years ago. What Honda has here probably isn't that, but it's a good story anyway!
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