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Originally Posted by Ayrshire Bull View Post
did you ever have a go at connecting the whelen to the canbus? did they work well together?

I did. I removed that reflector below the license plate light and mounted my Whelen in its place. Then I spliced into the 1 tail light wire (plus 1 ground wire). Recall your BMW sends something like 6v to the tail light for running lights, then 12v to the same bulb for brake lights. I ran that same wire to the Whelen. Tail light it stays dim(mer) like the factory tail light, but when I hit the brakes it gets real bright. I know my friends who follow me in the daytime say "have remarked the extra brake light really gets there attention, Better yet, nobody has rear ended me. When I am sitting at a light and see a cager coming, I just flash the lights with the brake light switch and they slow down and seem to stay back further behind me.

I installed it 2 year ago, never had a problem with it triggering the computer with over-current.
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