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Cali to Pasto

We finally tore ourselves away from Cali this morning at 8:30. Frankie, Tony, Steve and I rode together to Pasto. What an excellent day. Nice weather, mountain road that rates a 10 + Stunning scenery! Absolutely excellent. It's a long ride, we got to Pasto just before dark, searched for a hotel or Hostal, thought we had one then realized our bikes would not fit in the room they had for parking

We did meet some local, women, walking down the street, at the first hotel who asked if they could take a picture with our bikes. Then they wanted us in the picture with them too. They even sat on the bikes. It was very funny but neat that they thought the bikes were so cool. They were very nice and welcomed us to their town. People have been unbelieveably kind in Colombia, every where we've gone.

As we were driving around town, still searching, a young lady in a car asked what we were looking for and when we said a cheap hotel, with parking, she called her husband who spoke excellent English, he suggested a place and then she lead us there. How nice is that? Not like she was doing anything, just taking her aunt to hospital to she if she had a broken wrist
Turns out the husband has a 1200 GS BMW and he showed up at the hotel to welcome us to town.. Very nice guy.

Today we had a lunch at a restaurant that was built on a cliff with absolutely stunning views of the valley below. Today is also some sort of festival where everyone throws water at each other. We started getting hit by people standing at the roadside about halfway through the day. It used to be a Pasto area celebration but it seems to have spread up into the mountains. They throw water balloons, pails of water, use hoses, whatever it takes to get you wet. It felt good in the afternoon sun but was pretty chilly by the time we got here. Pasto is at and elevation of 2500 meters or about 7500 feet. It's cool here tonight even though we are very close to the Equator

We met up with our German friends, Jana, Lawerence and Nikko, from the hostel in Cali. they took the bus here last night leaving at (9:30 PM and arriving at 5:00AM), then they slept until two. Jana said that the bus was going so fast and passing that she was afraid all night and couldn't sleep. I don't think I would want to ride in a bus over the mountains. Lawrence had accidentally left his passport and wallet at the hostel in Cali. He called me last night, I found it and we returned it too him today. He was glad to see us! They came to supper with us and we went for 1 beer but we came home early after a very long day. I took lots of pictures today. I will try and post them tomorrow.

Manana Ecuador!


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