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Originally Posted by TNRat View Post
If these comments on the 1200's are true the value and appreciation for my '95 will only continue to climb. Values on most other bikes will only continue to drop.
Lowest 1100 resale was a 2-3 years ago, now climbing. Used mc buyers are often uninformed so subscribe to the belief that newer is better. The 1100 GS is a rock solid machine with excellent build quality. Sure, they had their quirks such as a tendency to pull studs out of the block in early years, poor crankcase ventilation, mediocre gear box. BUT recondition any of them and you've got a reliable runner that won't let you down and for only a fraction of the cost of 1200 ownership. To be fair they really are very different mc and there are reasons to ride each. Everything made since 1996 is more or less built to be disposable. The expensive parts that wear out prematurely are no accident just part of the modern marketing. It is interesting to study the marque. By 1969 dealers were complaining that the 600's were too reliable and too easily serviced by the owner. With the 1970 revision. planned obsolescence was already becoming obvious. This is was transportation industry wide phenomenon. A 1965 F100 p.u. was designed to be rebuilt. The 84's were ready for the junkyard by 89.

One word that expresses modern German auto marketing philosophy. A divergence from the early post war utilitarian years. Focus shifting back to the luxury market, first in cars then mc. Looking at the production from mid 1930 thru 39 we see the company has come full circle. The 1500-1600-1800 was the car that saved BMW with a little help from the 75/5.

In a challenging economy BMW will produce Isettas though that is not where their heart is. The driving force today seems to be cheap money/easy financing. It remains to be seen how long that will last. Ride the dream and cherish the memories.
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