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Kay, here's the approximate mileage. Stovepipe to Ubehebe....50 miles.
Ubehebe to Teakettle Junction...20 miles. Teakettle to start of Lippencott...10 miles. Lippencott top to Saline Valley Rd....10 miles. Then, 30 miles on Saline Valley Rd to 190. Then 18 downhill paved miles on highway 190 to gas (and beer), at Panamint Springs. So, that's about 140 miles total. It's probably more like 130 miles but I'm being conservative with the mileage just in case. IF you can do 120 with your extra fuel carrying capabilities, then got a hold of a 1/2 gallon gatorade bottle or something....dumped it in your gas tank at Ubehebe you'd be set. There's a garbage can there just for that purpose. : )

Course, if South Pass is um...impassible, you're screwed.

Except, you could backtrack to the Saline Valley hot springs, bum food and a warm place to sleep, soak in the amazing hot springs, buy some gas from Lizard Lee and... adventure is born. Take a lot of pictures.

I'll be through there next Friday. If I see you by the side of the trail, I'll give you enough food and water so you have enough strength to choke me for offering shitty advice. : ) I'll be the guy on the XR with a 6 gallon gas tank.
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