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Originally Posted by Dkscism View Post
Is it realistic that I could find a used bike that is in good enough condition and priced right to beat the $5200 0% brand new bike? Seems unlikely to me. Opinions?
In my opinion, anyone who would buy a new DR650 is either very mechanically ignorant, desperate, or simply not very smart. I know that statement might seem kinda harsh, but you have to realize if you could find a nice 1996 DR650 somewhere, it would be essentially the same motorcycle as a 2012 DR650.

I bought a pretty nice 2000 DR650 late last summer from a really nice guy moving from Nebraska to Flordia (hope things are going well for you Jerry) for $1800. The bike had just a tick over 10,000 miles, which is nothing to a DR motor. The 2000 DR650 I now own was mostly ridden on the street and was very clean and well maintained. While I could have chosen to ride it AS-IS, and simply continue to do routine maintenance; and probably ride it for many years and then re-sell it; I have chosen to take the money I have saved on NOT buying anywhere close to new, and I am in the process of transforming my soon-to-be thirteen year old bike into one that is much better than a new bike at far under what a new bike costs.

You asked our advice, and my advice is to find a well-cared for used DR650, buy it, replace all the consumables it needs, continue to do routine maintenance, ride it, and enjoy it knowing you saved thousands of dollars over someone who bought a new DR650; which as I mentioned is essentially the same bike you will be riding regardless of model year.
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