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Originally Posted by Dkscism View Post
Hey guys I'm new to the forum here and new to Dual sport(ing)--can I use that as a verb? Anyways for a brief introduction I'm a nineteen year old college student in Clemson, SC. I' have never ridden street before but I raced MX for most of my childhood and teenage years. Anyways, now that my racing days are over I'm looking for the next best thing and have been looking into dual sport bikes for over a year. From what I've gathered, a DR 650 will fit my needs best. This would involve more street riding than off road with the occasional 100-200 mile trip. I've looked into buying new and used. The best asking price I've found is for a brand new 2012 model asking 5200 on the sticker. Right now (and I'm not sure for how long) Suzuki is offering 0% financing in these. With that being said, I still would consider buying used if it were, say an 04 and up model. Is it realistic that I could find a used bike that is in good enough condition and priced right to beat the $5200 0% brand new bike? Seems unlikely to me. Opinions?
Paid $2500 for mine an 08 that had (get this) 1000 miles on it. Bought it from a dealer and it even came with a warranty. Haggle & shop around a bit and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can find.

Good luck.
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