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Available Electrical Power of the 690

I've posted this here before but I'll do it again to help out the non-electrical nerds

In planning for my trip I needed to find how much Electrical power the 690 produces and uses. So i measured the current with from the battery with no stator connected and no headlight.

P= I*V. (Power = Current * Voltage)
My old 2010 used about 6 amps (72Watts) to run the motor and the stock tail light. I called it 80 to give a fudge factor

225 Watt stator - 80Watts = 145 for everything else.

So. now on my 2008, this is what I have.

Grips high/low 44/24 Watts
Headlight high/low 55/35 watts. high beam and low beam run at the same time so high beam uses 90 watts. Both are
Jacket is 75 watts

So.. you can basically add up your watts and just make sure you stay under 145. Measure current *12 v to get your Power consumption on something that you don't know.
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