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Originally Posted by jackpiner57 View Post
Hey Ron, here is a pic from the back with the Givi E21's on it. Sorry it took so long to find it!

Having lived with and ridden with the E21s, they have my vote as one of the better hard boxes that one could mount on a DRZ. They are rugged, dry, cheap, secure, won't hurt you in a drop, and have approximately the same capacity as the Wolfman Expedition panniers, which are my favorite for dual-sporting. They are fairly small, but you really don't want to pig out a DRZ with a ton of luggage. If you need to take the kitchen sink, you're on the wrong bike. The convenience of top-loading hard cases cannot be overstressed. I know a couple of guys that have taken extended tours with the E21s and a duffel, and carried all they needed.

The system that Tom put together here is very elegant and secure. I'm not giving up my Wolfman bags any time soon, but if I did, I would give these a look. If you want hard bags that can be ridden hard, these are it.

Tom sweated the positioning on these. They don't interfere with the rider, which is a huge benefit. Take your shin off while dismounting on other systems and you'll understand what I mean.
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