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Originally Posted by KamperBob View Post
... chain gets washed in gas (kerosene not readily available).
Bob, I may be wrong but I think that the point of cleaning the chain with kerosene is for O-ring chains as other stuff, including WD-40, is supposed to be hard on the O-rings.
If you really want kerosene, as chain makers recommend, I believe that you could substitute diesel fuel. Diesel is at most any gas station & nearly the same thing as kerosene.
I read that one main difference between kerosene & diesel is that kerosene does not have the lubrication properties that diesel does. Kerosene is added to diesel fuel to winterize the diesel.
Last time I cleaned an O-ring chain real good I had a small amount of cleaning solvent in a gallon jug. I mixed some diesel in with it to have enough to submerge the chain & shake it around & so on.

As for soaking the chain in oil....
Years ago before they made O-ring chains I would put the chain in a pan of oil & heat it on the stove. Must have read that method in a MC magazine.
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