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Hey Pat,
air or water...Hmmm,
I have no water cooled bikes, so I can't really speak for what's better.
Obviously if a water cooled bike isn't having any hic-up's like leaks or thermastat problems then that'd be fine. The two riders in my group that have one have both had "situations" where the day was cut short due to overheating. Plus you've got more stuff on your bike. Fans, coolant, hoses and stuff. Still, there's a shift towards them out there from what I see on the trail. What bbike depends on what kind of riding you want to do.
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Then again, in the high country, on a 100+ day, slow going on a rocky long up hill climb I've reached 313 degrees on my xr600r so it's half a dozen of one and 6 of the other. Typical an air cooled bike trail riding is not a problem and you don't HAVE to have a water cooled bike.

I might have mis led you a bit on my previous post as my group does do ohv only rides. There are less of that these days though, because we've gone to most all nearby places enough and my main goal is to explore, reach mountain tops, lakes, creeks and meadows. So the cherished ohv runs are more happening when there's an extended camp out in the summer. And in the high country.

Dualsport is a compromise, but you can jump from place to place and circle back around on the pavement if ya have to. You can link multipal locations together you wouldn't be able to on an ohv. As well through out the last 5 years or so I have been returning to places I had not visited in 30 years because as things changed it becomes impractical to go there and be locked in to a smaller area with an ohv. 30 years ago things were much more wide open. off highway vehicel use has risen 80% in those thirty years and they just have to regulate it or things get wrecked.

BTW welcome to the forum!
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