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After passing quite a bit of stalled traffic coming out of the city, I began to reflect that the double yellow line running down the middle of most roads does not mean "don't pass" but is actually a tiny passing lane for motos.
And that's how I saw it for over 2 years and 50,000 miles, because that's how the locals do it, and it worked well for me. Its an optional "do not pass" line for motos.

Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post

The cops immediately jumped out into the road and motioned me to pull over. As soon as I had my helmet off, one of the cops came up and started asking for my papers and telling me that I had just been caught violating the speed limit.

Bummer. Never had a cop actually give me a ticket in Colombia in many thousands of miles and many months of riding there, and I was riding just like Al and Frederico, and you know what that means. The cops there must be turning into gringo cops, wtf? IT makes me sad.

I figured I would just ride like the locals and all would be good, and it was. Maybe Silviu (SSinVzla) could give us a little insight on this? Hola Silviu, donde estas mi hermano?

FWIW, and you should take this with a grain of sand........On my way back north, I got a ticket in Panama for doing 196 Kph in an 80 Kph zone. He wrote me a ticket, legit, totally. I was so shocked that I almost fainted. I asked him where I should pay. He said if you are leaving Panama within a few days, dont worry about it. Well, needless to say, I didn't pay. I just crossed into Costa Rica, sin problema. Nice cop, all business, very professional. I have no complaints, because I was breaking the law and I was prepared to pay the price, like I always am.

In Brasil, un-beknownst to me, there were speed cameras everywhere. I didnt see them, so when I saw the sign for "speed camera" in Portuguese, I had no clue, so I kept riding like my normal hooligan self, but I was wondering why the local riders and drivers were going so slow in sections and honking and waving at me because I was passing them at probably 3 times the posted limit, like they were going in reverse. Thousands of miles later when I finally figured it out, I had probably, I dont know, 30,000 or 40,000 DOLLARS, maybe quite a bit more, of speeding tickets attached to my bike. The Brazilian guys I told this story to just laughed their asses off and told me to let them know how it all worked out when I crossed into French Guiana at Oiapoque. My good friend Fernando in Ilhabela was a little more jaded, and bet me a dollar that no one would be the wiser. He was right. I owe him a dollar, and I have to go back to Ilhablela to pay it, which I am really looking forward to doing.

When I crossed the border at Oiapoque, Brasil, into French Guiana, no one said shit at the Brazilian Aduana when I checked out.

So I guess I got that going for me, which is nice.

IMHO, you should just not worry about it, but I could be wrong, since I am wrong more often than I am right.

¡Buen viaje, cabron! Youre doing a kick ass ride report! Carry on!
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