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Are we having fun yet?
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The evidence

, so Day 1. Met OBB on the Cotherstone road bright and early. An hour in the saddle before 7.

Ducked and weaved on the back roads East of Capella then down toward Blackwater

Few obstacles on the Fitzroy river

Fueled up in Blackwater on Unleaded and Subway. Then up the hill into Blackdown NP: View to the North

Spectacular view from Horseshoe lookout to the West

Gate 1 about 3k's past the campground as predicted by OBJ

Gate #2 a bit further in. Not locked. Not much evidence of traffic though either

First 15 or so k's was like this, well this is the straighest bit. Hardpack sand and a few rocky sections. All 2nd and 3rd gear, arse out on every corner sort of stuff.

Suspicious looking block at another lookout.

After that it was follow the fenceline and open a shut a few gates. Fences running in all directions in here. Without the homework on Googly maps satellite we would still be in there.

Dropping off the tablelands down into the valley:

Then about 10 k's of more fenceline

Which led into a fairly major set of yards. This is still within the State Forest but we were on the lookout for anyone with more shotgun barrels than teeth.
Out the other side and we picked up a gas well then found the road marked on the map. Thought the hardest bit had been done.

Road started out really easy going

Then we came upon the homestead and idled past.
The road out was about 60k's of open but reasonably challenging giong. On the pegs most of the way.
Few creek crossings.

Finaly made it out to the Dawson Highway through more gates.

We still had a few hours of daylight so decided to head toward Blackwater instead of Rolleston.
OB poured moved fuel around until it as in a tank that the Austrian Princess could drink out of.

While I finished adjusting my chain from earlier in the week

Stuggled to find accomodation in Blackwater that wasn't hundreds of dollars a night or camped beside the main road and railway line, so we beelined to Bedford Weir and made it just on dark. Big storm was blowing in but luckily didn't dump on us.
Big day by then. On the bikes at 6, off at a bit after 7. About 600ks for the day and about third of that in hard going.

The morning after

Bedford Weir, flowing

ADV Stunt team, just landed from a backflip

Headed back to Middlemount on the Mount Short road

Then went our seperate ways home. No incidents for the weekend until we were both nearly home. I tried to clean up a roo and OB got flat not far from home.

Over 900k for the 2 days.
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