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You are right bikes are about fun. But I am cheap and and I ride a lot. Over the past two years I've done 40k on my Vstrom and I don't commute. If I had to spend a lot of money on parts or repairs any bike would become very unfun for me very fast. The Vstrom has required nothing but consumables over that 40k. So I do take into account the likely hood of major failure and big costs. I'm just that kind of person. I do my research and go for bikes that will get the job I need done with the least fuss.
It sounds like you are satisfied with the Vstrom. If that make you happiest GREAT.

I agree the cost of ownership of is less. atleast a couple of $k up front. I test rode one for over an hour before I bought my BMW.
Why, the suzuk was a bit heavier, a bit slower, did not handle quite as well....those things were more important to me than the $$.

Everyone should chose what is best for themselves.
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