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Hi - best of luck in your relocation. You will definitely save some $ bringing in your new bike and as long as you have the right documentation its not that bad a process... but its a process. You must have the original documentation that the bike *(by vin #) has passed US road testing, including any after market exhaust system. Original docs only including export documents, all bills ... check out Thats run by the LTA in Singapore which is the governing body and they have a downloadable checklist. Best to get in touch with Engineering Services at LTA - thats the dept that handles these imports and you can ask them to advise on your documentation before you by the bike - get some examples from the dealer in the US. If you miss any documents, and i mean ANY, then its a no go. I've brought a couple of BMWs in from the UK which is easier. As as US bike, speedo must have KMH on it, and if theres a right hand drive bias to the headlight you have to get it set to left hand drive bias. Local dealers wont honor the warranty unless you pay them an adoption fee (at least for BMW which is a $5k non refundable deposit, 20% loading and last priority for bookings!!!), yeah its crazy. but loads of independent mechs that can work on all sorts of bikes. it may be easier to pick up a used ride check out forum for sale adverts. prices are generally reasonable for used rides.

Insurance about $750 depending on the bike and safe rider discount, traffic is crazy in Singapore bikes are treated like flies but bigger bikes do get more visibility and lane space. Parking is not readily available unless your building provides it but loads of public parking outside the central business areas.

i ride a F800GS for touring and light off road, mainly fire roads, logging trails, very occasionally something rougher, which you should consider unless your looking for heavy duty offroad. most of the stuff in malaysia and thailand is good for the on/off road riding that class bike handles, much like the triumph i would imagine. you dont get 100miles of ridable offroad at a stretch so you would want something that will be fun on tarmac as well - nice "mountain" road riding north malaysia and southern thailand. lots of rain and mud so the bigger bikes are tougher off road for me.

bring proof of bike ownership and insurance coverage when you come to do the license conversation as we have a three bike class license here. i think you only have to take the highway code.
hope this helps and good luck.
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