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That's absolute BS - I'd just don't understand why I am supposed to be draining oil anywhere.... It's the first time I've heard of the issue... I hope I don't get a chance to experience it.

Originally Posted by ScopeBite View Post
Okay got a call from the dealer and went down to investigate and pick up my bike. It looks like oil was filling up in the air box (which I was told i should be draining) and it got to a point where it overflowed and blew out all over. The dealer stated that it is either due to over filling the oil (which is not the case) dropping the bike (Last time I droped it was 2 months ago) or riding in a high gear at a very low speed which causes pressure to build (more likely the case)......I had never heard of this happening....however looking at some similar symptoms in the Dakar thread that this is can be a common occurance. That being said.....I guess no harm no foul. No Charge from the dealer or tow service and I guess I screwed up my ride for this week. I am happy that there isnt a serious issue. I guess I overlooked the part that I should be checking this out.

Anyone else had this happen to a point where it blows out all over? Anyone call BS on the issue or does this sound about right?

Thanks for the feedback!
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