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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
Forgive if this is against the grain....but didn't FOX prove that airshocks suck back in @1978?

The concept is fine and has merit, but the reality has not worked out that I have seen.

Even some modern MX bikes {Kaw KXf and Honda CRf} have started using air in 1 fork leg, with some success. It weighs less than a second spring and does add some progressive dampening effect on compression, but all of the magazines like MXA still rate the Yamaha KYB SSS forks by far the best forks on any bike....ever. The SSS is a NO air, 2 spring system. It just works right.

MXA changes 2 clicks I think and declared it fully race ready...the rest of the bike, maybe not so much.
For an OEM fork the KYB SSS forks are good, but far from race ready if you're off a groomed surface, in which case playing with the by-pass spring in the second chamber along with re-valving becomes a necessity for most anyone racing "offroad" I'm on my second pair of KYB SSS fork on my second X-lite Husky and am replacing with Ohlins TTX because I've seen the dark side with those forks on my G450X.

Best fork I've ever ridden on is the Ohlins TTX forks....not just the cartridge inserts but the whole fork, phenomenal.

Air shocks do have draw backs, particularly if there is a failure you're riding bottomed out and on a chain drive that's surviveable to get you out of the woods but on a bike with a drive shaft and u-joints that's a very stressful proposition for the the u-joints to survive a ride out of the outback.
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