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Originally Posted by kawagumby View Post
Yes, I removed the rubbers first thing. I ride with dirtbike boots, so I need to readjust accordingly. This bike's peg/shifter geometry is set up a little different than any of my other rides - I needed to move the shifter up a notch to clear the larger boots which worsened the situation. I need to keep trying different lengths and bends - and maybe fastway foot pegs would help too - it looks like they will work with this bike. I think the shift throw is a little longer than most bikes I've had and moving the shifter up worsens the situation. I just rode one of my dirt bikes yesterday and the shifting is so precise with minimal movement you don't even think about it...not so on the Terra...yet.
If your budget permits, I would recommend Pivot Pegz. They are nice and wide and make shifting much easier standing up or sitting down. They also have the cool factor as well.

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