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In simple terms, for sure.......

1) Eat lots in the morning, more than usual to ensure I have sufficient energy levels for the day. The food in the bivouac is said to be pretty good so I'll be going with that.

2) Hydration, drink lots, as often as possible but without running out. It's important to monitor consumption but not to see yourself short. More is better as I am happy to stop and pee it out

3) Electrolyte replacement. I will be using Electrolyte supplements in my hydration pack to replenish the lost salts etc from sweat. I expect I'll be doing a lot of sweating

4) Energy bars and gels for throughout the day. I will have a small stash of these in my jacket for use throughout the day. No specific meals during the day, just these.

5) WINE GUMS!! I will of course have my stash of Wine Gums for when I need that rush of sugar / energy. Where would we be without Wine Gums?

6) Recovery shakes - I'll be having 700cc of recovery drink when I get back into the Bivouac each night. Within 20 minutes of getting in, this will just help my muscles recover faster.

7) Eat lots for dinner, maybe even eat twice at the bivouac while preparing my road book and before going to sleep.

That's my rough plan.

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