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Originally Posted by woofer2609 View Post
Cool Stuff, KamperBob, interestingly, I have the same maintenance routine on my commuter bicycle. I swap chains (but not sprockets) approximately every 6 months or 2200km's, and after 2 years, or two rotations on both, I replace the whole drive train.
I know this'll make me sound like a know it all, but chains don't actually stretch, they develop play between the rivets and the plates.
Now, if only we could turn the rear sprocket over, think of the tooth life!
Cool - thanks!

I'm skeptical about flipping sprockets over. Offset is an immediate obstacle.

Chuckle. I'm okay calling the increase in length of the whole chain stretch. It's measurable. That's the point. Marks on the wheel adjustor give another indication.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." --Lord Kelvin
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