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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Your use of "right wing Govenor" is telling. It tells me (and others) that you are a left wing libtard. An asswipe that screams for tolerance until you come across something or someone you disagree with. Then you are suddenly intolerant. You scream for "HEALTHCARE FOR ALL!!! ... But not for you unless you do what we say"

You and your kind are a joke.

The question was never as you blindly state "Is it a reasonable infringement on the right of 'happiness'... blah blah"

The question is and always has been liberty or as the powers that be so susictly put it "freedom".

The Mythical "benefit to society" does not exist. Even if it did exist it is so ridiculously minuscule as to not even warrant a second look.

Of course those on the extreme Left and extreme Right are too blinded by their own idiocy to see things as they so clearly are. They have only one goal... To program the sheep like you under their control into blindly following their agenda. The only this that keeps this country going it the free thinking moderate people that refuse to be sheep. But you would know nothing about that.
well said, the socialist agenda is going to destroy this country from within.
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