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Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
Bob, I may be wrong but I think that the point of cleaning the chain with kerosene is for O-ring chains as other stuff, including WD-40, is supposed to be hard on the O-rings.
If you really want kerosene, as chain makers recommend, I believe that you could substitute diesel fuel. Diesel is at most any gas station & nearly the same thing as kerosene.
I read that one main difference between kerosene & diesel is that kerosene does not have the lubrication properties that diesel does. Kerosene is added to diesel fuel to winterize the diesel.
Last time I cleaned an O-ring chain real good I had a small amount of cleaning solvent in a gallon jug. I mixed some diesel in with it to have enough to submerge the chain & shake it around & so on.

As for soaking the chain in oil....
Years ago before they made O-ring chains I would put the chain in a pan of oil & heat it on the stove. Must have read that method in a MC magazine.
(X-)Wives love it too.
You may be right.

I considered diesel but that would take another container. Whereas I have a gas can with (full time RVer) and I'm satisfied that's good enough. It's just solvent to break down gunky old oil so dirt particles can be swished out of the works and make way for fresh lube. Once dried gas residuals can't contaminate a bowl of clean oil too badly. That's my thinking anyway. Heck, my "clean room" these days is a picnic table...when dust isn't blowing. LOL
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