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Originally Posted by Plane Dr View Post
Open request to anyone actually measure key off parasitic draw! I have lots of "it went months" but no one seems to have actually measured anything! Lets add to the collective.

Please add model year for comparison.

One of the things quite clear in my research is that amp hours are NOT the be all and end all. Different batteries have different reactions to low load draw. Many actually exceed the rated draw. Then the reserve ability kicks in, oh, and the actual bike starter draw!

I have done a carb balance changed to lighter weight oil and have the noted issues at 28f. Being an Engineer give me DATA!
2005 model, taken from perhaps the first batch, released to me in April of 2004.

Post in this thread, which you might find interesting:
Ok, using this meter I made some measurements with the circuit to the battery broken, and the meter in between closing the circuit. Digital meters are hard to read for ranges, but I tried to notice the high and low.

The bike itself (1st release 2005 R1200GS) with no accessories:

5.1 - 6.7 mA.

The accessory loop, broken down into components:

Just the fog and driving lights: 0.00 mA
Chatterbox GMRSX-1, connected, but turned off: 130 mA
MixIt2 amplifier, connected, but turned off: 13.56 mA

So, if you start to add all that up, it makes for a serious draw.

Clearly, I MUST disconnect the Chatterbox and MixIt2 amp when the bike is going to be parked. I would not have guessed that turning them off was insufficient, but the meter doesn't lie. Silly me.

So, if I leave the accessories disconnected except when using them (which is very easy to do) my lowest draw will be 5.1 to 6.7 mA. That seems about normal, does it not?
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