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I agree that a gun ban is not the answer. That would simply favor the bad guys, who don't care about laws. The problem is that it is just too easy for bad guys and unqualified good guys to get a gun in FL (and other states) today.

We require training and licensing for driving, practicing medicine, being an electrician, a plumber, etc... Why not for firearms? I think every citizen with a clean criminal and phychological record should be entitled to own a gun, as long as they have the proper training and licensing. This will help insure that less weapons end up in the hands of bad guys and kids, while not infringing on our right to bear arms .

A determined criminal will always find a way to get a gun. However, more restrictive licensing will deter some of them, particularly the mentally disturbed ones. I doubt Adam Lansa would have had the ability or the means to purchase assault weapons on the black market. And if his mother had been properly trained, she would have kept her weapons in a safe.

The gun show loophole really scares me. I've personally seen gun transactions occurr with absolutely no scrutiny. They buyer could have easily been a terrorist or mass murderer.

We don't need a gun ban, but we do need more control. You wouldn't fly in a plane with an unlicensed pilot, would you?
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