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Originally Posted by kmccarthy View Post
required training and licensing
you already have that. you must have a drivers license and background check. that is dangerous thinking sir - the next step is a national gun registry. what's next? oooh, they come to all registered gun owners to inform them that they must relinquish their guns or go to federal prison.

licensing doesn't work. how many people are on the roads today with fully legal drivers licenses that have absolutely NO business operating a machine? How many plumbers/electricians/contractors are shady sketchy shitty workers that cut corners and do poor work?

I maintain that "The unfettered right to own and bear arms consecrates individual sovereignty and ordains the right of self-defense. The Second Amendment symbolizes and proclaims individuals’ right to defend themselves personally against any and all threatened deprivations of life, liberty, or property, including attempted deprivations by the government. The symbolism of a heavily armed citizenry says loudly and unequivocally to the government, 'Don’t Tread On Me.'"

Quoted from this article (a good read)
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