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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
I Actually believe that the same thinking should apply to both. That is what is so baffling. Those that scream loudest about keeping your laws off my body are the same ones that scream for helmets. It makes NO SENSE.

Keep your laws off my person.

Glad to see you're consistent.

I entirely agree w/ you that moderate free-thinkers are what is needed politically.

However, it's always seemed to me that those who scream against helmet laws tend to be on the right,

along w/ all the anti-abortionists.

An odd situation.

Of course, you see the opposite.

As to whether Rick Snyder's a right winger or left winger, I'm pretty sure Mr. Sands nailed that one.

The Governor is anti-union, anti-abortion, anti-education, anti-corporate tax; doesn't sound too moderate to me.
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