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Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
In my opinion, anyone who would buy a new DR650 is either very mechanically ignorant, desperate, or simply not very smart. I know that statement might seem kinda harsh, but you have to realize if you could find a nice 1996 DR650 somewhere, it would be essentially the same motorcycle as a 2012 DR650.



When I bought my NEW DR (well, year old on the floor) I watched craigslist and such for 3 months for a used DR. Not one to be found then. I got tired of waiting. Plus, I got a bike I know hasn't had someone testing friction additives on clutch disk and such.

Of course, like 2 weeks after I bought mine there was one on CL for $3500. I paid $5000 for a new DR. So I spent $1500 more and had a brand new one. Doesn't seem like an ignorant move to me.

And someone calling me "mechanically ignorant" would be like saying the Pope doesn't know much about religion!
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