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Won't make it to the lunch so will add my 2 ¢ here

1. Where is Central Canada; according to the National Media, located in's there...yes Central Canada is located somewhere within close proximity of the CN Tower.
Is it a few miles east of Winnipeg ? Right where the sign says "The Center of Canada"

Of course it is east of Winnipeg, it was shown to be so when they travelled with the Olympic torch. but it is also just a few miles north of the center of North America in Rugby ND

2. Where does Western Canada start..... According to fellow ADV Members....(not going to point a figure at anyone person here) it's just a little bit west of Calgary... LIKE....BC, has it all to themselves.
Is it Thunder Bay.... like the Sign Says, The Gate Way to The West
Is it Winnipeg, according to such sources as ....Wikipedia
Is it Richer MB, where the Tall Grass Prairie starts....

To me it starts just past the 2 dips coming into Manitoba at West Hawk Lake. The ground gets (and stays) flat and the trees get smaller until they are gone

3. Should North Western Ontario be part of Manitoba.... if so, will we get our own Madhouse...?????

I see no problem with NWO becoming part of Manitoba as long as more Manitobans to not decide to summer here. We have enough crazies of our own.
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