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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
Stupid is as stupid'd fit right in, gunnr.

Describe your "adventure type riding" a bit better, and then I'll render an opinion. I owned a 950 before my F800, so I do have good experience with all these bikes.

Can't say yet whether or not the TR will replace my F800. Figure that will sort itself out on its own over time. But, the F800 might be in trouble. The Terra has F800-like road manners with a much more nimble & lightweight feel offroad.

My "Adventure" rides involve load up with camping gear and ride a few hundred miles of pavement with a mix of backroads to get somewhere and hit new country. Rarely into any single track stuff, maybe a short "hey what's over there". I rode the Washington and Oregon backcountry routes on the 950, over to Idaho a few times and the 950 was great. I also did it on a KLR! I like what you say about the road manners with the light and nimble feel. Thats what I'm after. So that is the reason for my madness. Anyway I am off to Salem to pick up my TR650....I am going to grab the last one, dealer said next shipment will be May! WOW am I stupid or what.............
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