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"I'm freqeuently asked: why do I drive like that alone on a motorcycle? I can't answer clearly. Sure, the car is safer and more convenient. Despite all the talk, bikers are not trying to stand out from the world. On the contrary, they are much closer to it, comparing to anyone else. They are not hiding behind a tinted glass and warm roofs. The world is right here. Stretch a leg and you can feel the scratchy pavement, warmed up by the sun, sliding after you mile by mile. Stretch an arm and you can feel wind in your hands. Solo rain drops, getting under your coat like little spies or furious rainfall flow, washing off all the weariness, erasing your trails, and giving you a whole new world. Silent night, lighted up by a playful moon. Your usual life disappears. Everything is divided on the things you need, and the things you left there behind. And in front of you is a road and nothing else. You see life in a different way. Different people, different goals, everything is different. And until you see it with your own eyes, until you feel it with your own body... you'll never get it, not a chance."

Thanks, it sums it up perfectly, thank you for your insights.
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